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Webinar 7 - Introducing NavFleet - Performance and monitoring tool

July 02, 2021
Welcome to our 7th customer webinar where we will demonstrate our brand new product; NavFleet!

Discover brand new NavFleet!
NavFleet sets a new standard for fleet management and operational decision making. By integrating multiple streams of data – from vessels, shore-based facilities and business-critical sources – onto a single platform.
NavFleet has been developed in collaboration with shipowners to deliver one solution to many challenges. Through a smarter, joined-up utilisation of data, teams on shore have ‘eyes on ships’, creating a common situational awareness across fleets and the foundation for optimal decisions.

Welcome - by Børge Hetland, Chief Commercial Officer
• NavFleet - by Arild Risholm Sæther, head of Business Development, NavFleet.