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Webinar 5 - Manoeuvring Assistant in NavStation

May 01, 2021
Welcome to our 5th customer webinar
We are excited to invite you to our 5th webinar about "How to get the full potential of your NAVTOR software".
In this webinar, we will look into the module Manoeuvring Assistant in NavStation, which combines routes, sensor data and AIS targets with updated ENCs. The module allows the bridge team to assess risk empowered by real-time information and enhancing safe, optimal manoeuvring in heavy traffic and berthing operations.
We will also look into our service NavTV, a real-time feed of your fleet´s movement. The service is a complimentary feature of NavTracker that shows a picture of the individual vessels while following their position, speed, movement, ETA etc

• Welcome by Børge Hetland, Chief Commercial Officer
• NavStation: Manoeuvring Assistant - safe and optimal manoeuvring
• NavTV: Real-time feed of your fleet´s movement

Børge Hetland
Chief Commercial Officer, NAVTOR

Richard Northover
Managing Director UK, NAVTOR

Steven Richards
Area Sales Manager UK, NAVTOR

Gaute Fossmark
Senior Product Manager, NAVTOR