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Webinar 8 - Introducing NAVTOR TRES

August 01, 2021
Welcome to our 8th customer webinar, where we will introduce NAVTOR TRES!

This webinar will present the new member of the NAVTOR family, NAVTOR TRES.
VP of Operations, Jacob Clausen, will introduce you to the industry-proven solutions for vessel analysis and enhanced fleet performance.
By moving into vessel analysis and performance, NAVTOR takes an important step towards meeting our customers' changing needs. NAVTOR TRES will deliver significant advantages for shipowners looking to enhance environmental efficiency, minimize fuel consumption and reduce operating expenses.
The Tres Vessel Analytics software, a proven industry solution, has generated up to 20x ROI and, to date, has helped key customers save over 45,000 MT of fuel (141,300 MT CO2).

Webinar host - Richard A.D. Northover, Managing Director NAVTOR UK
Welcome - by Børge Hetland, Chief Commercial Officer NAVTOR
NAVTOR TRES - by Jacob Clausen, VP of Operations NAVTOR TRES